Combichrist @ Batschkapp Frankfurt

Darkness imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute Horror

One – Metallica
Wednesday13 / Batschkapp Frankfurt

Night Club

the Night startet with Night Club, an Electro-Techno Duo. My first Techno Live Gig. It’s OK but that’s not my pigeon. The light was a bit dark but with only two musicians on stage and one standing at the keyboard it’s easy work.

Wednesday 13

Now the pure horror started. Wednesday13 (the guy / singer) came axe-weilding on stage. Nice start for a Horrorpunk band. Now everybody knew what to except. Darkness and hard tunes.
And shooting got interesting. Low light, few frontlights and fast moving creatures with horror make-up. Hard work but the result is worth it.
Music and Sound were real good. Not one break just fucking hard tunes.


is a band with a bit weird line-up; a singer, a guitarist, a keyboarder,  no bassguitar but two drummers. Accordingly the sound is heavy on drums and deep tones. The sound on CD is almost soft compared to live.
Live is Combichrist one of the hardest bands I saw. The audience jumped in trance. Looked like the cavern rave in Matrix Reloaded 😉
Wednesday 13 was hard to photograph. But now it got worse. Almost no frontlight, few blue and red lights  from the back and everybody jumping and running around. The drummers (Nick & Will this time) reminded me of Taiku drummers; full bodily commitment. But japanese drummers don’t climb on the drum kit. Elliot didn’t stand behind; using his keyboards as bouncy castle. Eric and Andy were running around in the front.
Good luck; I upgraded equipment a week ago; saved my ass.

More pictures at Instagram and Flickr.

Combichrist @ Batschkapp Frankfurt 2018